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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a welcoming space where people can find inspiration, advice and respite from our hectic lives. We sometimes perceive it to be difficult to find the right person to voice our concerns, fears and doubts and we want to be truly listened to with compassion and empathy. We might need reassurance or have questions which we find hard to answer objectively and we don’t always know who to turn to.

Our talented Healers and/or Spiritual Readers offer you the service that best suit your needs: Medium readings or Mediumship, Psychic Tarot readings, Psycometry, Reiki healing, Spiritual Healing, Emotional Cord Cutting, Psychic Clearance, Past Life Regression etc.

Read through our clairvoyants’ profiles and see who and what you are drawn to, that will most likely be the right choice for you, then give us a call.

At Stepping Stones we endeavor to be a source of inspiration and will provide you with the best guidance received from the Higher Realms.

In Love & Light.

What our customers are saying

A true London and neighborhood gem of a shop and spiritual healing centre. Wide range of stunning, high quality, crystals and gem stones, beautiful cards, books and and gifts. Everything is reasonably priced, and cater for a wide range of budgets, tastes and journeys. Staff are always friendly, calm and helpful. They are knowledgeable and give helpful advice with a caring spirit. High vibration energies for life on earth. 06.10.2018

James B. (shop)

I love love love this shop. Every time I visit I am welcomed by the lovely girls that work there, they're always so helpful and friendly. It's impressive how extensive their knowledge on their crystals and likewise products is; and considering that I lack it, it's so helpful knowing that I can rely on the girls to help me choose which product to buy - with no pressure put on me to buy anything which is always great! I can't wait for my next visit so can add to my crystal collection. 26.02.2018

Kelly F. (shop)

Amazing energy and environment; positive energy; focus in my isses and problems; very good advice and ways of thinking. 03.09.2017

Andreia J. (shop)

I had a reading with Brian last Saturday, he is a lovely guy and a very good psychic! And I must mentioned the two very nice girls in the shop Annie and Eszter who helped me with some purchases! 13.02.2016

Tina A. (shop)

Lovely tranquil place. Jessica (who assists in the shop) in particular is approachable, knowledgeable and patient with you and you can see she enjoys helping you which in turn puts you at ease. Highly recommend! 12.02.2016

Lindsay R (shop)

I have been going to Greenwich Stepping Stones for years, it's a secret worth sharing and well worth travelling to Greenwich for. If you are in the need of some life guidance, healing, massage, personal development book, crystal, jewellery or a gift for someone (or yourself!) it's a treasure trove. Raffaella (the owner) has grown the shop over 23 years and her experience in the business shows. She has good quality readers and practitioners and a diverse collection of products. I have introduced numerous people to the shop over the years who have become regulars. Thank you Raffaella and team, you can't begin to imagine the ripple affect you make x 24.11.2015

Paula Holmes (shop)

Really lovely, peaceful shop. Customer service very good. Always good advice given.

Tracy F (shop)

A lovely treasure chest. Everytime I visit there are a few new delights to discover.

Jan P (shop)

Lovely atmosphere, beautiful jewellery, always great things to browse and look at. The staff is happy to help and for you to look. Always very helpful. An oasis of calm.

Bridget T (shop)

From the first time I came to Stepping Stones I have felt inner peace. The friendly shop assistants are amazing and always willing to tell you all about the stones etc. I have been coming here for over four years, my house is beginning to look like this shop. Thank you very much!

Monica E (shop)

Real warmth and understanding. Very grateful to meet like minded people. Truely connected experience. Thank you for being part of my journey.

Tarryn S (shop)

Very helpful service and accommodating.

Hellen D (shop)

Positive energy in the shop, very helpful assistant and plenty of knowledge about the crystal and the rest of the products.

Marijana P (shop)

Everyone in the shop is very friendly and very helpful. Great vibe!

Joanna L (shop)

Stepping Stones is very welcoming and warm. Like an oasis amidst the traffic! It reminds me of the foundational principle of the Divine Feminine, Isis. When other shops are close this one is always open, and whether you are buying a large item or a small one the assistants are always helpful and attentive.

Zanobia N (shop)

So much care has gone into Stepping Stones. Raffaella, the owner, has put her heart and soul into this wonderful shop. She has also been meticulous about every little detail that counts towards making an enchanted space.

Helene D (shop)